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Rik - Richard Westcott from Coral Springs, Florida enjoys creating colorful abstract art with acrylic in his free time. Some consider his original modern abstract art a bit bizarre and many of his dark paintings have been described in a variety of ways from his buildings appearing to look like they are made out of garbage to others of his paintings having a slightly demented dark side. Rik is not quite sure of his thoughts many times jumbled or comical like his abstract art. All he knows is that he puts them on the canvas. He doesn't mean to offend anyone and is not quite sure why people take offense to some of his dark paintings. Please feel free to look around this web site and please feel to let him know your thoughts through the email in the contact area or please free to purchase any paintings available. Also, Rik enjoys putting his thoughts of bright art full of color on canvas.
Rik was feeling a moment of empowerment when he did Raging Bull. The size of the strange painting is 16.5" by 20.5" and the sides of the painting are painted so you don't need a frame for this one. Abstract painting and 100% original art by Rik Westcott. This painted art sells for $1100 and shipping, handling & insurance is $10.00. Colorful abstract art comes in all shapes and sizes.

This Painting is called 911. Unfortunately this painting caused a lot of stir amongst people. But Rik just painted his feelings about 911. He has tried to make it clear that he didn't mean to offend anyone with this strange painting. At the time of creating this colorful abstract art it simply is how he was feeling at the time. The painting is on canvas and the sides are painted so it does not need a frame. 100% original acrylic abstract art by Rik Westcott. The size of this painting is 18.5 by 24.5 inches. The price for this painting is $1500. Shipping, handling & insurance is $10.

Colorful and bright art of horsey painting
One of Rik's less strange modern paintings. Noone can be offended by this nice bright art called "Horsey". Acrylic art on canvas 100% original art by Rik Westcott. The sides are painted on this one so it does not need a frame. This painting measures 24.5 by 18.5 inches. This painting sells for $900. The shipping, handling & insurance is $10.00.
Raging Bull
plack for painting
Dark Painting Tears from the Woods
Tears from the Woods
Although this is one which isn't as colorful as some of his other paintings it is one of Rik's favorite dark paintings and many people feel this strange painting evokes a more dark side and thus Rik realizes this piece of art will take a more understanding special person to purchase this one. The size of this painting is 14" by 11" on a canvas panel, and comes with this painted frame. Abstract acrylic painting and 100% original painting by Rik Westcott. The price on this painting is $525 and shipping, handling & insurance is $10.00. Original dark paintings can be very expensive.
Complete Fury
Complete Fury
Rik may have been a little angry at his girlfriend when he painted this one. Modern abstract acrylic painting and 100% original art by Richard Westcott. It measures 20.5" by 16.5". The sides on this canvas are painted so this painting does not need a frame. This dark original painting sells for $650 and shipping, handling & insurance for this art is $10.00.
Raging Bull - Colorful Abstract Art
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